Vilma Colling

Vilma Colling

Vilma Colling is an artist, songwriter and producer from Stockholm. With catchy melodies and recognizable lyrics, Vilma takes you on a journey through her youth.

But despite her young age, Vilma has many years in the industry, e.g. as a songwriter and singer in the indie pop band En drös poeter. During these years, she got to see both good and bad sides of the music industry. Above all, how far the industry is from being equal between men and women.

When Vilma's solo project was about to start, she decided to only work with female musicians, mixers, masters, etc.

“It's as much for selfish reasons as it is to make the industry more equal. It creates a creative and supportive environment to work only with girls, and it shows in the results".

Vilma is not going to let the industry change her, she wants to change the industry. Follow her journey towards more equal pop music.